The Environmental Services Division works with member governments to support an array of activities that address environmental issues region wide.

The Environmental Services Vision is to:

Create a prosperous, safe, healthy, and sustainable region.

The Environmental Services Mission is to:

Develop, enhance, protect, and integrate membership's ability to maintain the viability of the region's natural resources, security, health, and economic development.

The Environmental Services Division administers the following programs:

Solid Waste Management

The RGCOG administers a regional solid waste management program funded through a share of solid waste disposal fee revenues from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  The RGCOG is the state's designated regional solid waste planning agency, and was responsible for the preparation in 1996 of the regional solid waste management plan "Municipal Solid Waste Plan for Far West Texas".  The regional plan was amended in 2002 to include updated baseline planning information.  The regional goals for solid waste management activities were also revised to reflect regional progress toward previously-set goals.  The plan identifies issues and proposes solutions for regional solid waste management and recommends strategies for improving current management practices to accommodate future disposal needs.

The purpose of the solid waste grants program is to support local and regional solid waste projects that address the goals of the regional plan.  These goals are promoted through pass-through grants that support the plan and serve to implement its regional recommendations.  The recipients of these grants represent an array of stakeholders including cities, counties, water districts with solid waste responsibilities, and school districts.

The RGCOG has also finalized an inventory of closed landfills in the region, which was incorporated into the 2002 regional plan.  The inventory entailed field verification of closed landfill units, preparation of a GIS database and site mapping.

The RGCOG will also provide regional outreach, education, technical assistance, informational programs and training activities.



RGCOG Volume II Regional Solid Waste Management Plan



Far West Texas Water Planning Group