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Solid Waste Committee

Duties:  The Solid Waste Committee will analyze problems, establish priorities and goals, and monitor the effectiveness of activities for the management of MSW in the six-county region.

Composition: The Committee will be composed of two categories of members, voting members, and not-voting members.

Voting Members

Voting members will consist of the following:

  • one (1) member from each of the six (6) counties in the RGCOG Planning Region;
  • one (1) member from each local unit of government in the RGCOG Planning Region that operates a landfill;
  • one (1) member representing the city of El Paso Solid Waste Management Department;
  • one (1) member from Doña Ana County, New Mexico to ensure coordination of MSW Management activities;
  • three (3) members representing the small incorporated communities in El Paso County, Texas;
  • one (1) member representing cities in rural areas and one (1) member representing urban areas;
  • three (3) representatives of private MSW companies and/or private companies with an interest in MSW issues provided that no company shall have more than one (1) representative;
  • one (1) representative of a water district that has MSW collection responsibility;
  • one (1) member representing voluntary organizations having a particular interest in MSW issues; one (1) member from a public agency having a particular interest in MSW issues; and
  • one (1) representative from an entity that operates a landfill within the RGCOG Planning Region, if not otherwise represented.

Non-Voting Members

Non-voting members will consist of three (3) ex-officio members, including, a representative of the TCEQ regional office, TCEQ project manager assigned to work with the RGCOG, and the Big Bend National Park Superintendent or designee.

Seats: 24 (Voting Members) and 3 Ex Officio (Non-Voting Members).

Term: The term of membership will be for two (2) years. Membership will be reviewed by the RGCOG Board every two (2) years to ensure the direction and focus for the region is maintained.

Contact: Cynthia Mendez, Regional Services Coordinator

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:  915-533-0998 x 138

Meeting dates: The Committee will meet at least semi-annually or more frequently if required.


Name Entity Position
The Honorable Ruben Ortega Brewster County County Commissioner
The Honorable Carlos Urias Culberson County County Judge
Vacant El Paso County County Commissioner
Mr. Lorenzo Ramirez Jr. Hudspeth County Solid Waste Manager
The Honorable Kerith Sproul Jeff Davis County County Judge
The Honorable Cinderela Guevara Presidio County County Judge
Local Government Entities Operating Landfills (4)
Name Entity Position
Ms. Ellen Smyth City of El Paso Director, Environmental Services
Ms. Cynthia Salas City of Alpine Interim City Manager
Mr. Brad Newton City of Presidio PMDD Executive Director
Ms. Fran Malafronte Town of Van Horn City Secretary
City of EL Paso Solid Waste Management Department(1)
Name Entity Position
Mr. Cristian Benitez City of El Paso Landfill Manager

Secondary Members

Dona Ana County Representative(1)
Name Entity Position
Vincent S. Pokluda Doña Ana County Assistant County Manager
Small Incorporated Cities in EL Paso County(3)
Name Entity Position
The Honorable Manuel Leos Village of Vinton Mayor
The Honorable Benjamin Romero Town of Anthony Mayor
The Honorable Dora Aguirre Town of Clint Mayor

Secondary Members

Cities in Rural and Urban Areas(2)
Name Entity Position
The Honorable Manny Baeza City of Marfa Mayor
The Honorable Alexsandra Annello City of El Paso Representative District 2
Private Waste Management Companies(3)
Name Entity Position
Mr. John Fields El Paso Disposal, Inc. Manager
Ms. Susan Babenco Tres Pesetas, Inc. Manager
Mr. Isaac Garcia Road Masters, IG, LLC Owner
Water Districts(1)
Name Entity Position
Mr. Armando Magallanes Lower Valley Water District Solid Waste Manager
Voluntary Organizations(1)
Name Entity Position
Dr. Victor Valenzuela Keep El Paso Beautiful Chairperson
Public Agency Representatives(1)
Name Entity Position
VACANCY Environmental Protection Agency, Border Outreach Office Texas-New Mexico-Chihuahua Regional Workgroup Coordinator
Other Entities Operating Landfills(1)
Name Entity Position
VACANCY Fort Bliss Directorate of Environment
EX Officio Members
Name Entity Position
Robert Gilliam TCEQ Region VI Environmental Investigator (El Paso Office)
Ms. Cheryl Untermeyer TCEQ Waste Planning Team (Austin) COG Solid Waste Coordinator
Mr. Robert Krumenaker Superintendent Big Bend National Park