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Far West Texas Water Planning Group

Duties: To direct the planning process and determine which water management strategies to recommend and be included in a five-year Regional Water Plan, which is adopted by the group.

Composition: The Planning Group is composed of two categories: voting members and not-voting members

Seats: Vary. Interests represent agriculture, industry, environment, public, municipalities, business, water districts, river authorities, water utilities, counties, groundwater management areas, and power generation.

Term: 3-year term

Contact: Annette Gutierrez

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 915-533-0998, ext. 114

Meeting dates: To be determined.


Executive Committee Position
Jesus Reyes Exec. Committee Chair
Scott Reinert Exec. Committee Vice Chair
Janet Adams Exec. Committee Secretary
Teresa Todd Exec. Committee Member
Rebecca L. Brewster Exec. Committee Alt.
Dave Hall Exec. Committee Alt.
Tom Beard Exec. Committee Ex-Chair
Committee Members Position
VJ Smith Committee Member
Randy Barker Committee Member
Jeff Bennett Committee Member
Sterry Butcher Committee Member
Michael Davidson Committee Member
David F. Etzold Committee Member
Summer Webb Committee Member
Vincent Perez Committee Member
Daniel Dunlap Committee Member
Albert Miller Committee Member
Jim Ed Miller Committee Member
Rick Tate Committee Member
Arlina Palacios Committee Member
Jessica Christianson Committee Member
Brad L. Newton Committee Member
Non-Voting Members Position
Dr. Zhuping Sheng Non-Voting Member
Filiberto Cortez Non-Voting Member
Woody Irving Non-Voting Member
William Finn Non-Voting Member
Michael Lemonds Non-Voting Member
Gregory L. Torell, Ph.D. Non-Voting Member
(Vacant) Non-Voting Member
Ryan Slocum Non-Voting Member
Larissa Place Non-Voting Member