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Criminal Justice Division

Through the Public Safety Office-Office of the Governor (OOG) Criminal Justice Division (CJD), RGCOG has been tasked with the responsibility for regional criminal justice planning efforts for the six-county region. The RGCOG coordinates and supports programs that protect people from crime, reduce the number of crimes committed, and promotes accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness within the criminal justice system. Regional planning activities include:

  • Coordinating and consolidating activities for issues related to criminal justice, juvenile justice, delinquency prevention, victim services, and related topics.
  • On-going communication with criminal justice stakeholders, including grantees, law enforcement, non-profit organizations and other units of government.
  • Develop a strategic plan for prioritizing the criminal justice needs in the six-county region.
  • Notification of CJD availability of funding within the fund sources of: victim’s services, prosecution, crime prevention, juvenile justice prevention and intervention, and law enforcement training.
  • Application prioritization.
  • Technical assistance.
Law Enforcement Training

Law enforcement training is provided to the RGCOG’s region through the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Region VIII Training Academy. RGCOG has a long-standing partnership with the Academy to provide in-service training courses to the region’s officers/deputies to fulfill state-mandated training requirements and offer advance learning opportunities.

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Public Safety Office FY2025 Funding Opportunities