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Solid Waste

Regional Solid Waste Management Program

The RGCOG administers a regional solid waste management program funded through a share waste disposal fee revenues from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The RGCOG is the states designated regional solid waste planning agency. The coordination and planning activities include: maintaining the RGCOG’s regional solid waste management plan; maintaining a solid waste advisory committee; providing technical assistance and informational programs pertaining to solid waste management; serving as a central point of contact for solid waste management outreach, education, and training programs; and reviewing permit and registration applications for municipal solid waste facilities for conformance with the adopted regional solid waste management plan for that region.

In 1996, RGCOG was responsible for the preparation of the regional solid waste management plan (RSWMP), “Municipal Solid Waste Plan for Far West Texas”. The regional plan was amended in 2002 to include updated baseline planning information. RGCOG will revise the RSWMP in FY 2020 to include Volume I of the plan which contains the general description of the region’s solid waste management goals and Volume II. Volume II contains the details of the plans, including the implementation of the plan, and the Closed Landfill Inventory.

The purpose of the solid waste grants program is to support local and regional solid waste projects that address the goals of the regional plan. These goals are promoted through pass-through grants that support the plan and serve to implement its regional recommendations. The recipients of these grants represent an array of stakeholders including cities, counties, water districts with solid waste responsibilities, and school districts.

Private and nonprofit entities are not eligible to receive pass-through grants from the COGs. However, projects should promote cooperation between public and private entities. In support of this goal, recipients of a pass-through grant may contract with private and nonprofit entities to provide specific grant-funded services.

Regional Solid Waste Grants Program Funding Report, Fiscal Year 2016/2017:


2022-2042 Rio Grande Council of Governments-Regional Solid Waste Management Plan