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We have one position available:

Applicant instructions: To be considered, please submit a cover letter, résumé, and a completed application to 8037 Lockheed, Ste. 100, El Paso, TX 79925 to the attention of Rebecca Stauffer. These items may be emailed to

9-1-1/ GIS Coordinator

This position is located in Alpine, TX, 500 W. Ave. H, Room 115

FLSA Classification Exempt, full-time (38  hours), is in Pay Group 9, Step 1, starting at $43,788 annually/$22.16 hourly

The start date is Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Closing date: until filled

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RGCOG FY22 Employee (EE) Insurance Benefits

We offer medical insurance through TML (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas). Dental and vision are also available to the EE but the EE covers the full cost of those plans. Currently, Dental is $35.06/month and $10.47/month for Vision. We also offer basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) paid 100% by the Rio Grande Council of Governments (RGCOG). Additional life insurance and dependent life insurance can be paid for by the EE.

EE Only:                    $   922.82

EE + Spouse:           $1,873.32

EE + Child(ren):     $1,624.18

EE + Family:            $2,722.30

EE: $922.82 with a $1,000.00 deductible, RGCOG will pay $800.00 and the EE will pay $122.82 a month.

Office visit co-pay $30.00, Specialist visit co-pay $45.00, Telahealth $0.00

In-Network Labs and X-Rays will be covered at 100% when associated with an office visit.

Dental – (no change)

EE Only:                    $35.06

EE + Spouse:           $82.44

EE + Child(ren):       $75.40

EE + Family:             $105.22

Vision – (Now Premium Vision)

EE Only:                    $10.47

EE + Spouse:            $19.90

EE + Child(ren):      $20.94

EE + Family:            $26.71

Basic Life and AD&D – (no change)

EE: Paid by RGCOG (2xAnnual Salary, Max $150,000)

Dependent Life ($5,000 Spouse, $2,000 Child) – (no change)

Per Dependent unit: $1.60

Voluntary AD&D – (no change)

EE      $.035 per $1,000

Family            $.058 per $1,000

Additional Employee Life and AD&D – (no change)

Age of EE Current Rate per $1000 New Rate per $1000

Aflac Supplemental Insurance is available; 100% paid by the EE.

Our retirement plan is through the Texas County & District Retirement System (TCDRS).

  • 7% of the EEs’ pay is deducted from each paycheck and deposited into their account earning 7% annually.
  • The final account balance matched at retirement at 250%.
  • The EE receives a fixed monthly benefit.
  • The EE must be fully vested; vesting is 10 years.

We also offer a 457 plan through ICMA-RC now Mission Square. This is a voluntary contribution by the EE at a rate set by the EE.

We get paid every two weeks.

Our fiscal year runs from October through September. We have 18 paid holidays during this time.

Vacation benefits are provided to regular full-time EEs.

During the first 5 years of employment, EEs earn 8 hours of annual leave at the end of every month.

After completion of 5 years, EEs earn 10 hours.

After completion of 15 years, EEs earn 14 hours.

**Annual leave cannot be used during the first 90 days of probationary employment.

Regular full-time EEs earn 10 hours of sick leave at the end of every month.

Annual leave and sick leave cannot be used until it is earned at the end of every month.